Roho Truss, a leading wood truss manufacturer, specializes in custom-designed metal plate connected roof truss packages. Utilizing the state-of-the-art truss design software and connecting plates, we ensure all our trusses meet the latest code requirements. We proudly provide expertly-crafted trusses for a diverse range of projects. Our expertise extends to custom homes, tract houses, commercial buildings, multi-family residences, remodels, and additions. At Roho Truss, no project is too small, and every build is treated with the utmost care and precision.


Our open web floor truss systems offer enhanced strength, extended clear spans, and superior design adaptability for precise placement of bearing walls and beams. Pre-assembled for your convenience, these sturdy floor trusses are delivered directly to your site, ensuring an efficient and swift installation process.


Roho Truss provides comprehensive truss layout and engineering services, catering to both our valued customers and professional designers.


  • Efficiency: Pre-engineered trusses are designed and built off-site in a controlled environment, which can greatly increase efficiency. They are then shipped to the construction site ready for installation, reducing the amount of on-site labor and time required for construction.
  • Consistency and Quality Control: Because they are manufactured in a factory setting, pre-engineered trusses offer a high degree of consistency and quality control. Each truss is created to precise specifications, ensuring that they fit together perfectly during installation.
  • Design Flexibility: Pre-engineered trusses can be custom-designed to meet specific project needs, offering great flexibility in architectural design. They can accommodate a wide range of roof shapes and styles, and even complex designs with non-standard shapes or angles can be achieved. They also minimize the need for interior bearing walls or support beams.
  • Cost-Effective: Pre-engineered trusses can be more cost-effective than traditional construction methods. The manufacturing process reduces waste and the need for skilled on-site labor, which can result in cost savings. Additionally, the speed of installation can reduce overall construction timelines, potentially reducing costs further.
  • Sustainability: Wood is a renewable resource, making wooden trusses a more sustainable choice compared to other building materials. The manufacturing process also tends to produce less waste than traditional construction methods, further contributing to their environmental friendliness.


  • Greater Spanning Capability: Pre-engineered floor trusses can span longer distances than traditional joists, often without requiring intermediate support. This can open up design possibilities and reduce the number of required support columns.
  • Uniform Quality: Because they are manufactured in a controlled factory environment, pre-engineered floor trusses are consistently of high quality. This uniformity can improve the overall stability and quality of the final construction.
  • Reduced Vibration: Floor trusses are often designed to reduce floor vibration, providing a more comfortable living or working environment. This can be particularly advantageous in commercial buildings or multi-story residential structures.
  • Time Savings: By being manufactured off-site and delivered ready-to-install, pre-engineered floor trusses can significantly reduce construction time. This can result in faster project completion times and potentially lower overall costs.
  • Improved Safety: The design and manufacture of pre-engineered floor trusses follow strict safety standards, which can reduce the risk of issues such as structural failures. This makes them a safe choice for any construction project.